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I only offer 100% totally natural genuine natural Citrine crystals.  100%! Beautiful white-wine coloured yellow Citrine - the yellow variety of Quartz, is a favourite amongst jewellers. Coloured by natural heat and Iron, it was used by merchants for 'money manifestation'.   Beware the Fake Citrine - which is Orange instead of Yellow, and is really an Amethyst via an Oven! Article on 'Natural Citrines and Faked Citrines'.

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Loren Warn Photography - photo prints of minerals, landscapes, nature, sunrise and more


Nature and Mineral Photos. I am Loren Warn - the owner and creator of PixieCrystals. I made PixieCrystals: website photos and crystal choices. Now I have lauched a website purely to explore my Photographic side... NATURE inspires me on every level and I hope you will enjoy how I look at things in Nature... Please give me your feedback! Thanks, Loren -x-

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