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Loren Warn:  Pixie Crystals : creator, designer, developer, co-founder, photographer and author

Out of a love for good website design, high-res mineral photos and Natural Crystals: I created www.PixieCrystals.com. Designed, built and hand-coded by myself, I also select and photograph the crystals on the website, and write the healing articles. Now over 12 years old, PixieCrystals brings both favourite and rare fair-trade crystals and minerals from around the World. My favourite part of Crystal Re-homing is the incredible feedback, plus tales of how crystals first inspired, from our wonderful clients across the years.

I also created and operate : www.newforestwebdesign.com and www.fineminerals.co.uk for your enjoyment. Loren -x-

Completely Natural Crystals for healers and collectors alike... treating each crystal photographically as a world class specimen.

I noticed about 15 years ago, before PixieCrystals was born, that many of the 'crystal healing' websites selling crystals were offering a lot of information about crystals, but very low quality crystals. Often coloured, dyed and polished, for high prices and with poor photography, and worse: saying "yours will look something like this!" which I am totally opposed to!.

In contrast, many of the 'scientific collector-based' mineral websites were offering fabulous natural crystals, good photography of the individual unique crystal and sometimes at great prices. So PixieCrystals was born to combine the best of both Worlds.

Pixie Crystals combines Sciencitific appreciation of Crystals : Mineralogy, with great photos and the holistic approach to Crystal Healing.

My beloved natural crystal website, currently 11 years old, has always been extremely dear to me and has always had 'her' own life-force and identity! I have hand-built, coded, developed and designed the website, as well as taking all the photographs. She is really, my labour of Love.

For 20 years I have researched and studied Crystals in many different ways, and been lucky to have some wonderful peers and teachers. I am a Mineralogist: learning the chemical elements that make up each crystal, and all about the many wonderful places that each originates from.. My knowledge allows me to recognise instantly, for example, exactly where a specific Quartz crystal may have grown, like a wine-taster can identify the region of a grape just by taste.

A collector myself - for both geological interest and a collection of healing tools, I adore bizarre Quartzes and exotic Tourmalines, among many many others...

From rudimentary beginnings on the Web in 2004, PixieCrystals has always been driven by some strong core values which have never and will never change. These values are equally important and not listed in order of priority!

- a dedication to Natural uncut, unpolished crystals, though I now offer one or two thoughtfully hand-polished crystals, as people do seem to like them..

- to show and treat each crystal offered as a World Class piece, regards photography and combine the best elements of both healing crystal websites and mineral specimen collector websites. I am utterly against and constantly horrified by sellers who only offer an example-of-type photo, saying "you will look a bit like this" !

- to always provide a refund within a few days of clients receiving their crystals, as I totally understand you cannot always easily connect with a crystal via photos.

- to source and offer ethical-produced NATURAL crystals, through happy well-paid fair trade sources. I do this by check the crystals themselves for certain tell-tale markings, and working on our relationship for many years with certain key fair trade companies.

- nothing is faked. Nothing on Pixie Crystals has been coloured, dyed, falsely enhanced or made in a laboratory.



Happy Crystal Healing adventures -x-



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