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Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties - Further Explorations - Number 16


Tourmaline comes in as many colour varieties as Quartz and Calcite, which is many colours. They generally relate to the Chakra with the same colour. I explore the meanings behind the different Tourmaline colours a little further down. Tourmalines grow as long slender spikes, are fairly hard, and can be very see-thro and gemmy. They have perfectly clean terminations: usually three symmetrical faces (each with a 120° angle) arranged around a central raised point. Up and down the full length of the long vertical sides, they have perfectly straight vertical micro-grooves: called 'Striations', (striated). Geologically known as Monoclinic. Tourmaline, which is a large and colourful family, is always a purifying influence on its environment. They feel exceptionally pure and innocent, as well as zingy and energising.

A cross-section / slice of a Tourmaline crystal, (or looking directly down on to it from above), will reveal Tourmaline's fairly triangular shape. The three 'points' make an equilateral triangle, but of the sides of the triangle are often slightly rounded outwards. Any crystal incorporating Triangles as a fundamental growth feature, carries with it the metaphysical lessons embodied within this basic shape. Triangles represent Unity, perfect Balance, Strength, Wholeness, balanced personal power and the expression of it into physical reality, the Pyramid, the Trinity, Upper - Middle and Lower, Mind - Body and Spirit, and whatever else Three means for you.

Any crystal with a striated growth pattern like Tourmaline (and like Selenite, Topaz, Danburite, Aquamarine, Kunzite, Hiddenite and Clear Quartz occasionally,) is able to 'rush' healing energy along its body. This incredible growth feature enables these crystals to cleanse, purify, strengthen, intensify, speed up and then focus energy out of the termination. These striated crystals are also brilliant for dealing with any physical ailment to do with straight lines! i.e. - vertical back pain, finger / arm pain, tendons, and meridian blockages too. Simply place your chosen crystal on the affected area running directly along the spine / tendon… and visualize healing energy flowing along it, instilling this cleansing and strengthening energy into the body cells.

Tourmaline Specific Colours Properties:

Very rare and gorgeous - Purple Tourmaline, for the higher two chakras - (3rd eye and Crown). It is activating, not balancing, and will stimulate these areas. It can aid intuitive abilities. It can slow the daily flow of rational thought within the mind, easing meditation, states of peace and purity, and strengthening your connection to the angelic realms.

Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) HHHmmmmmm. Amazing. As u can tell I like this one too! This is about purifying and activating the Third Eye and Throat chakras. It enhances psychic abilities, and strengthens communication with oneself, others, and the angelic realms. It encourages speaking one's truth with love. It is also playful and creative, and helps to purify the entire aura. It strongly encourages peace, and carries and soothing and stimulating peaceful ray.

Green and Pink Tourmaline is for the heart chakra, as these are the heart colours. Tourmaline is so in Love with these colours (!) that it forms Green Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline and the two combined together in the wonderful Watermelon Tourmaline. They both Cleanse, balance, strengthen and purify the centre of Love. Increases Love for oneself, others and the environment. Green is particularly about Love for others and our Environment - Love flowing outwards from the Heart. Green always carries Mother Earth’s rejuvenation and growth qualities, and so Green Tourmalines invigorate and support the entire health system, and inspire Love of Nature. Pink hues always relate to Love for oneself, and one’s inner child. Pink Tourmalines help to purify the Heart chakra of any trauma, and to awaken one’s inner child and ability to self-nurture.

Yellow and Orange Tourmaline - again fairly rare. Whereas the colours already mentioned are associated with emotional and spiritual energies, these yellow and orange crystals convey the energy of action, and the correct use of personal power in the physical realm.

Red Tourmaline (Rubellite)- Base chakra: legs, hips, feet, bones. Vitalising and grounding. Encourages a good level of physical health and strong immune system, and feelings of abundance.

Black Tourmaline is one of the most purifying stones created by Mother Earth. Wonderfully grounding, it cleanses the entire system, particularly the lower three chakras. It is also incredibly protective, drawing from its reflective black shine and it’s shape (triangle + long striations). Aids removal of physical pain, and toxins. Due to being very absorbing and matt opaque, it will always needs much constant repeated cleansing if working hard!!

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