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The Self-Healed Crystals - Quartz Further Explanations - Number 6
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Quartz atoms are Triagonal (triangles + hexagons), and they align with each other in ‘double-helix’ patterns, like DNA. Mankind has a deep connection with Quartz, the most common crystal on Earth. The prismatic nature of Quartz allows it to split natural clear light into the full spectrum of the seven rainbow colours. Every atom is a perfect rainbow of divine light. This allows it to be fully flexible to work on any chakra/colour centre. Quartz can help all cells to attain their true optimum state of being. They can protect those who may need it, by diverting peril and highlighting one’s best options.

Natural grown Quartz crystals can be very energising, activating, and bring light into their surroundings. Rock Quartz will perform most of the Quartz functions, but a perfect and complete pointed Quartz crystal is most ideal for working with. (A crystal with a slightly chipped point will not be able to focus the energy so clearly). They are able to channel healing energy direct through their bodies, from base to tip, and out through the point.

Crystals are combined atoms of chemicals and minerals, in set and often fractal/geometric lattice arrangements - every atom is aligned and in place, allowing pure vibrations. Crystals can teach us how to channel more purified Unconditional love and healing energy into our environment and to our fellows beings.

Quartz crystals cleanse, clarify, lighten and amplify energy, direct through their bodies, from base to tip and then focus it straight out through the point. It is commonly recommend that you should never point a crystals directly at people - unless you're very qualified and performing your work. Quartz amplifies the impressions that our energy systems receive on many levels, as we interact with the Universe. Aside from many other benefits this enables us to sense more clearly the reality of any given situation, and what dynamics are at work. This helps us to stay true to ourselves, and maintain living in a place of LOVE.

The Occurrence of Self Healing Crystals

Quartz is not the only mineral to perform this amazing feat of self-completion, but for now we’ll look at Quartz self-healing as an example. The full range of Quartz colours are able to heal like this. Self-healing can be either slight, or very advanced. This is how it occurs:

First a crystal becomes detached from its growing base/bed. (This happens via a number of methods: earth movements, a knock from another rock, pressure…) Sometimes the crystal lands on the floor, otherwise it may be held roughly in the same place, but not attached. So - the base (not the pointed tip) is totally not touching anything. Then the crystal remains in the growing environment (cave usually) for a number of years or centuries. The crystal has full access to the ‘Quartz ingredients’ still - the mineral-rich fluids/vapours. It is therefore able to continue growing, and uses the minerals to ’heal’ and complete.

When a Quartz crystal is forcefully removed from where it was growing, the base fractures. Quartz - like Glass and Obsidian, fractures in what is called a ‘conchoidal fracture’ pattern - which means the break leaves smooth, shell-like convex and concave dips, (Oyster-shell-like dents). These marks are easily visible on the bottom of a crystal that’s been broken off.

Key Releases are the other main natural feature which occurs around the base of Quartz, and other crystals. The presence of this too can distinguish that a crystal has not forcefully been removed.

Identifying Self-Healing marking on Crystals

Self-Healing is fairly common, but each piece is individual and can be quite different. The markings of slight self-healing (when under bright light / sunlight) appears as a sheen or silky texture, across the base of a crystal. This slightly healed growth pattern can reflect the light, creating a sparkly sheen, like the surface of snow, or velvet. On closer inspection they reveal a coating of micro-triangles, all growing / flowing in the same direction. The thousands of tiny faces cause an incredible glistening effect.

Further advanced self-healing reveals even more tiny triangles, but they are more obviously becoming hundreds or thousands of perfect little quartz crystals, with six ‘long’ sides and perfect terminations. At this point four, five, six and seven-sided faces can emerge on these micro-crystals. These faces can grow to as large as the faces on the main termination of the Quartz crystal. When fully pronounced, self-healed crystal actually double-terminate: the self-healing replicates the main termination of the crystal.

Metaphysics and Metaphors of Self-Healing

Crystals always seek to grow to their full potential - as is encoded in their auras and atoms. This follows the belief that: '..energy appears before matter..', matter which then appears as a result of the energy. The auras of plants and beings can govern what happens physically.

Crystals are perfect arrangements of minerals, atoms and colours, capable of carrying pure vibrations, and archetypal lessons. They can demonstrate the possibility that the physical body manifests (is created) into whatever form the aura / light-blueprint is projecting. So accordingly the broken Quartz crystal will ‘stretch out’ / 'self-heal', and complete its growing, aiming to become Double - Terminated. This repetition programs the crystal to embody Self-Healing.

With Quartz being undoubtedly the Master Healing crystal, it almost goes without saying that a Self-healed crystal strongly conveys the energy of healing oneself. These amazing self-healing patterns suggest that the crystal has experienced a natural change or trauma, and have continued develop un-impeded. Through meditating and vibrating with them, they can share this learning with us. They teach true determination, strength, grace and optimism. They can help us to learn how to be fully in tune with our inner child, and our inner mother! By this we mean they can aid us to self-heal, and to nurture and listen to ourselves.

For use within healing grids and layouts, self-healed Quartz’s are fantastic as they are able to channel the flow of healing energy both ways. This amplifies and focuses the energy, and adds the strength of decades or even centuries of self-healing to it as well.

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Photographs of Self-Healing/Self-Healed Quartz Crystals


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