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Rose Quartz - Metaphysical Properties - Quartz Further Explorations - Number 8


Quartz atoms are Triagonal (triangles + hexagons), and they align with each other in ‘double-helix’ patterns, like DNA. Mankind has a deep connection with Quartz, the most common crystal on Earth. The prismatic nature of Quartz allows it to split natural clear light into the full spectrum of the seven rainbow colours. Every atom is a perfect rainbow of divine light. This allows it to be fully flexible to work on any chakra/colour centre. Quartz can help all cells to attain their true optimum state of being. They can protect those who may need it, by diverting peril and highlighting one’s best options.

Natural grown Quartz crystals can be very energising, activating, and bring light into their surroundings. Rock Quartz will perform most of the Quartz functions, but a perfect and complete pointed Quartz crystal is most ideal for working with. (A crystal with a slightly chipped point will not be able to focus the energy so clearly). They are able to channel healing energy direct through their bodies, from base to tip, and out through the point.

Crystals are combined atoms of chemicals and minerals, in set and often fractal/geometric lattice arrangements - every atom is aligned and in place, allowing pure vibrations. Crystals can teach us how to channel more purified Unconditional love and healing energy into our environment and to our fellows beings.

Quartz crystals cleanse, clarify, lighten and amplify energy, direct through their bodies, from base to tip and then focus it straight out through the point. It is commonly recommend that you should never point a crystals directly at people - unless you're very qualified and performing your work. Quartz amplifies the impressions that our energy systems receive on many levels, as we interact with the Universe. Aside from many other benefits this enables us to sense more clearly the reality of any given situation, and what dynamics are at work. This helps us to stay true to ourselves, and maintain living in a place of LOVE.

Rose Quartz Metaphysical

Green = Love Outwards to everything from Heart. Appreciation of Nature. Growth. Heal.
Pink = Love Inwards to inner self from Heart. Balanced love, nurture + acceptance of self.

THE Crystal of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Rose Quartz is THE ultimate emotional balancer. Rose is the feminine aspect of Clear Quartz, therefore is able to be subtle, adaptable, flowing, maternal and sensitive. She heals ALL conditions involving a lack of self-worth or self-love. Following the belief that every negativity comes from a lack of self-love, she does a lot! She heals the Heart Chakra, whose element is the emotional Water, and contains Quartz rainbows and so aids all the other chakras and body parts too.

This stone emanates and represents Unconditional Love. It emits amplified soothing energy. Rose Quartz is attuned to the Water Element, and the crystal gently erodes and dissolves toxic blockages on every level: emotional physical, mental and cellular. Rose Quartz is incredible feminine and nurturing. A soft energy – but the softest gentle flow will eventually break through the hardest of blocks. Someone feeling a little emotionally raw may begin to cry gently if given Rose Quartz; this is healthy and normal. She will soothe any emotional or heart related issues. She is the stone of LOVE. Every child should be given Rose Quartz for making the journey! She will aid balance the Heart Chakra particularly, and keep this Chakra open to Love.

Here’s a pile of key words associated with Rose Quartz, and the issues that Rose Quartz is particularly suited to helping with: Unconditional Love, Self-Love, Love of Nature, Romantic Love, Acceptance of Love, Affection, Loneliness, Contentedness, Grief, Pain Relief, Emotional Maturity, Empathy, Wisdom, Inner Strength, Compassion, Nurturing, Acceptance, Trust, Joy, Healer of Children and the Eternal Inner Child.

As it is Unconditional Love, Rose Quartz is Universally beneficial, in any situation / for any chakra. She will ease and soften healing, and constantly bring light and love into the situation. If working with strong crystal energies, Rose Quartz is practically essential to have present. (For example. Clear Quartz, Obsidian, Malachite, Ruby, Azurite, Sugalite, Rhodonite...). A perfect accompaniment to any healing session.

Rose Quartz is, by nature, very sensitive and empathic. It will therefore need cleansing if working hard, to maintain a strong vibration. There are also quite a few tales of Rose Quartz literally breaking / shattering in situations where someone ’should’ have been physically hurt. I.e. - a near-miss road accident, fall.. The crystal can self-sacrifice to absorb the impact.

As with all crystals, there are different physical ‘grades’ of Rose Quartz. The clearer and more pink the Rose quartz is, reflects in the strength of the energy that it can carry. There is a type of Rose Quartz called ‘Asterated’ or ‘Star’ Rose Quartz. Its appearance is very clear, gemmy, see-thro, and occasionally has tiny detailed bubble-planes within. It looks slightly softer then non-asterated Rose Quartz. It is sometimes called Star Rose Quartz because when polished into a ball / round surface and a light source near it, an 8 pointed star will always naturally form around the central dot of light which hits the surface. ‘Asteriated’ means it has tiny bits of Rutile within it. Rutile – a crystal with incredible positivity and strength – grows in straight lines through almost anything. It looks like little metal filings, comes in either Silver, Gold or Red and is common to find in Clear Quartz. It is usually visible, and can be found on its own – but within Asteriated Rose Quartz the Rutile is invisible to the naked eye. Due to Rutile’s unique ability to grow un-impeded through almost anything – it never needs cleansing. Any crystal with Rutile in – does not need cleansing either, so crystals containing it do not need cleansing to balance.

This makes this particular type of Rose Quartz – the ultimate emotional healer! It can be within a healing session for as many days / hours as it takes, and never change from that strong constant Rose energy. It can tolerate and support any amount of extreme or traumatic moments / memories / experiences, without changing its energy at all. It will always maintain itself and others around. An invaluable friend.....

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