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Obsidian Metaphysical Properties - Further Explorations - Number 15

Rainbow Obsidian (sides) and Goldsheen Obsidian (centre)

Obsidian - Grounding - Protective - Can release deep subconscious fears

Obsidian has one of the longest relationships with mankind of all the crystals, alongside Quartz and Calcite. Obsidian is volcanic glass: lava, cooled down to become a natural brown/black see-through glass. It is found throughout tribal history across the globe, wherever you find traces of volcanoes. It is very hard, sharp and beautiful, and so was used extensively to make tools, arrows, sacrificial and hunting knives, mirrors and jewellery. It usually occurs entirely black, but can also occur as Gold Sheen (sun), Silver Sheen (moon), or Rainbow Sheen, and as Snowflake Obsidian, showing small white flecks.

Bearing in mind all this history and how it is formed, it is not coincidental that Obsidian’s energetic lessons are all with concerned death and re-birth. Obsidian was once red hot flowing lava - the very soup of rock; which has cooled and become more dense, solid and jet Black.

Anything Black or Red carries the fundamental slower frequencies of life – identical to Infra Red. These relate to Survival, Vitality, Security, Abundance, Housing, Earth Time, (Linear), Yang, Order, Life-force, Life, Death, Rebirth, the destruction before creation can occur… ALL these relate to the 'Base Chakra' - located at the top of the legs. If you have an imbalance relating to one or more of these areas, working with Obsidian may help.

These lower frequencies are also grounding - when grounded our auras are protected. The importance of Grounding can never be stressed too much: everything needs strong foundations. When grounded we can bring down and integrate new information / perceptions from the higher chakras, into physical life.

Obsidian is a very strong taskmaster – and can be very brutal. Not only is cold and Black, but is contains the memory within it of when it was red hot larva. It is able to release intensely passionate emotions/energies from the base chakra, relating to anger/fears/ traumas/abuse. It can literally bring into your conscious awareness, memories you have locked away so well, you may not have previously been conscious of them, and allow you to re-experience them. This is very frightening, unless prepared for over a long time. Use help from another crystal aware person + ROSE quartz; work up it with other healing sessions.

We often lock away traumas into deep parts of the subconscious, represented by the black of Obsidian. It is a natural reaction to un-natural circumstances. Anything from abandonment, experiencing or witnessing violence, rape, war, natural disasters, accidents, and many other difficult life experiences can result in this. Although we may not be thinking about the trauma often or at all, it can affect strongly how we react to things in our daily lives, and how we sometimes choose to perceive things. Obsidian will waste no time pointing out to you anything like this which you may be plugged into. Although we have made Obsidian out to be a bit of a scary monster – we love it and respect it a great deal. It is also very Grand-fatherly and protective.

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