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The Isis Quartz Crystals - Quartz Further Explanations - Number 5

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Introduction - Physical ID and Numeric Symbolisms - Legends and Lessons of Isis - Photos

Isis Crystals and their Physical Numerological Symbolism

Quartz crystals are six-sided (vertical sides) - therefore they look hexagonal from above - looking straight down onto the point. Specific Quartz crystal formations are often identified by counting the number of edges of each of the top 6 faces. The shapes of these six top faces, which make up the point, determine the qualities of that Quartz crystal, which chose that shape at its creation.

The front main face of an Isis or Goddess Quartz has five sides, balanced perfectly. One side makes up the horizontal base line of the main face. The other four sides are arranged symmetrically, with two long ones making the top point of the crystal, and two shorter sides joining these two to the base. It also looks like a perfectly balanced Diamond shape, but with the bottom point cut off - making a fifth and horizontal face.

Five is a number which can mean Humanity, Sensitivity, Understanding and Mediation. We have five main senses, and five fingers on each hand and toes on each foot. With arms and legs outstretched we make a five-pointed star - as in the famous Leonardo di Vinci Human Pentagram drawing…

The Legends and Lessons of Isis

Insight. Wisdom. Intuition. Deep Healing. Maternal Loving Healer of Hearts & Children.
The Isis Quartz aids those passing in between worlds, and those grieving for a loved one.

The lessons of Isis are set within the romantic legends and records from Ancient Egypt. She was the first Queen, married to Osiris the first King, and together they ruled Egypt as the most beloved King and Queen of the Egyptian race. After the tragic tales of their life on Earth together, they ruled the heavens, and colourful afterlife of Egypt’s huge pantheon of Gods. Whether they actually were physical or not (unlikely with the time periods involved), they were the true Archetypes of balanced male and female light and good. Osiris: Noble, Strong, Wise, Honest, True, Pure, Stable, Just, Upstanding, Rational, Eternal, White. Isis: Pure, Maternal, Enduring, Insight, Intuition, Subtlety, Hidden knowledge, Master Healer, Magical, Psychic Truths. High Priestess. Blue..

There are many, many tales relating to Isis and what she achieved, and most of these things are relevant to the Isis crystal. They’re easy to find on the internet, and we recommend researching them. Here’s the basic story: Osiris had a brother - called Set, who craved the power, kingdom and wife (Isis) of his elder brother. Set called his brother to a feast, pushed him into a great chest (inscribed with ’evil’ hieroglyphs) and poured molten lead on top. He sank the great chest in the Nile, and claimed Egypt and Isis for his own, ruling with a cruel touch.

Throughout this dark time, when no other god would dare challenge Set, Isis searched continuously for Osiris’ body, eventually finding the chest lodged in a tree along the Nile. After weeping and performing much singing, magic and ceremony, Isis enabled the dead spirit of her husband to enter her, conceiving their son - Horus. A true act of magic! Isis then called upon Thoth - the Egyptian God of Magic and Time, to aid her in bringing Osiris back to life. But Set discovered them as they were performing the Ritual of Life, stole the body, and distributed it in tiny pieces across Egypt.

At this point Isis went into hiding on the Island of Philae, bereft with grief and despair. After mourning for years in isolation, here - at her lowest ever moment - Isis meets up with her sister - Hathor - the Egyptian Goddess of Love. (Hathor= Green and Pink - which are the Heart Chakra colours - is loving, nourishing, nurturing, compassionate, abundant, and linked with Mother Earth). They seem to Unite - and from here in the story are considered two aspects of the same thing - a healed healer. Isis returned stronger and wiser than ever. She finally finds all of Osiris, performs the ritual and he lives just enough to ascend into the heavens, as the Lord of Light and the Underworld. Horus grew strong, and defeated Set, to become the Lord of the Living.

The Isis Quartz crystal embodies ALL the lessons and archetypes portrayed within this tale of Isis and her feats. After her period of withdrawal upon the island - Isis became a master of Self healing and Self nurture, uniting with Love. There are many tales of her healing children as well. They are powerful Heart healers and intuitive guides. They can help you to connect with Isis herself, experiencing her truth, strength and beauty, and her thousands of years of healing and learning. Such a strong feminine, magical, healing, loving energy.

General Introduction to Clear Quartz Properties

Quartz atoms are Triagonal (triangles + hexagons), and they align with each other in ‘double-helix’ patterns, like DNA. Mankind has a deep connection with Quartz, the most common crystal on Earth. The prismatic nature of Quartz allows it to split natural clear light into the full spectrum of the seven rainbow colours. Every atom is a perfect rainbow of divine light. This allows it to be fully flexible to work on any chakra/colour centre. Quartz can help all cells to attain their true optimum state of being. They can protect those who may need it, by diverting peril and highlighting one’s best options.

Natural grown Quartz crystals can be very energising, activating, and bring light into their surroundings. Rock Quartz will perform most of the Quartz functions, but a perfect and complete pointed Quartz crystal is most ideal for working with.They are able to channel healing energy direct through their bodies, from base to tip, and out through the point.

Crystals are combined atoms of chemicals and minerals, in set and often fractal/geometric lattice arrangements - every atom is aligned and in place, allowing pure vibrations. Crystals can teach us how to channel more purified Unconditional love and healing energy into our environment and to our fellows beings.

Quartz crystals cleanse, clarify, lighten and amplify energy, direct through their bodies, from base to tip and then focus it straight out through the point. It is commonly recommend that you should never point a crystals directly at people - unless you're very qualified and performing your work. Quartz amplifies the impressions that our energy systems receive on many levels, as we interact with the Universe. Aside from many other benefits this enables us to sense more clearly the reality of any given situation, and what dynamics are at work. This helps us to stay true to ourselves, and maintain living in a place of LOVE.



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Photographs / Diagrams of Isis Quartz Crystals


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